Long-term monitoring of noise patterns allow trend changes to be accurately quantified and visualized, greatly improving quality of life for citizens. The Noesis.Network sound map has a significantly higher accuracy than conventional sound maps based on sporadic measurements, extrapolation and simulation modelling.
Applications: Sound maps / Trend analysis / Impact assessment

Reliable sound measurements in real time, all the time. In contrast to conventional sound measurements, Noesis.Network sensors are available day and night, with high mean accuracy and reliability of measured values. Noise disturbances caused by traffic, nightlife or industry are assessed based on objective, repeatable measurements.
Applications: Standardized assessments/ Disturbance monitoring

Real-time detection and identification using distributed sensors and Noesis.Network proprietary algorithms to process measurement data. The type of event, severity and location are determined. Valuable time is saved by informing and directing emergency services and relevant authorities to incidents, accidents or vermin.
Applications: Event detection

Trajectory mapping of moving noise sources is challenging and expensive using conventional technology. The distributed sensors of Noesis.Network can quickly identify type, path and direction of moving noise sources. Relevant authorities can be informed of unnecessarily loud vehicles, train or aircraft movements.
Applications: Identifying and tracking of moving noise sources